Fresh Start After Divorce

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The National Association of Divorce for Women and Children

Mission Statement:

To provide educational programs to empower women to regain their confidence, build self-esteem and create a foundation of life skills to enhance and improve the quality of

life for themselves and their children.

​​​​This positive approach jam-packed "one-of-a-kind" and "easy-to-follow" group coaching program (only 9 women per group) is a perfect match with divorce therapy.


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The 3 most important tools necessary to move your life forward during and after divorce:

1) How to deal with the divorce emotional roller coaster ride

2) How to maintain or improve your credit

3) How to financially prepare for your future

​How to get along with others (including your "ex") in MINUTES versus YEARS

The easiest way

to understand people

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"LIVE" Group

Coaching Program

How to "Emotionally"

and "Financially"

Survive a Divorce​  


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Getting Along Solutions

High Conflict/Challenging Divorces

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Free course: How to prepare and negotiate your divorce, even if you don't have an attorney-

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