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Life After Divorce
There is life after divorce and dating after divorce. We are here to support you to be happy after divorce. We support women of all ages, especially dealing with divorce after 50 as well as divorce after 40. Join us!
Life After Divorce
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Relax Peacefully
Relax PeacefullyPeaceful Relaxation: Scientifically designed by Dr. Lee R. Bartel to boost Alpha brainwaves, these floating melodies, soothing harmonies and the gentle rhythms of nature combined to create a peaceful state of mind.   more info > > >

Natural Stress Relief
Natural Stress ReliefAchieve a stress-free state: This album was crafted to take you from a stressful state to a stress-free state. Use it at work for a 10-minute "stress break" or use it at home when you simply want to relax. Instrumentation includes guitars & keyboards.   more info > > >

Rejuvenate Naturally
Rejuvenate NaturallyRejuvenate: Scientifically designed by Dr. Lee R. Bartel to sequentially boost alpha and beta brainwaves, this blend of music and natural sounds will help to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.   more info > > >