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Life After Divorce
There is life after divorce and dating after divorce. We are here to support you to be happy after divorce. We support women of all ages, especially dealing with divorce after 50 as well as divorce after 40. Join us!
Life After Divorce
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Total Image Consultant
Ginger Burr

Make It Easy to Dress Well

When life's challenges strike the last thing you want to be worrying about is what to wear.  Too many women open their closets with a sense of dread rather than with a feeling of hope and comfort.  They stand in their closets wondering how it can look so full and still feel so limited.

Typically, although this can be changed with some guidance, women wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time.  The rest just sits there with barely a nod of recognition. (Just recently, I helped a client clean 8 trash bags full of clothes out of her closet -- clothes she never wore or wore years ago.  What a sense of freedom and relief she felt.)  When life feels overwhelming this gap can get even wider.  There can even come a point where you think the only option is to give your entire wardrobe away and start over from scratch, which few women are willing or able to do.

Before you reach that point, let's look at how you can create a wardrobe that makes getting dressed easy and feel stylish with minimal fuss.  The answer is a capsule wardrobe.  It offers you ease of dressing, a variety of options, and is extremely cost effective.  A capsule wardrobe will vary slightly with each person, but the basic premise remains the same.  You mix and match a few basic pieces to create a well pulled together look every day!  With a little forethought and a well-outlined strategy it is very doable!  Here's how to get started.

• Choose One Neutral Color.  Good choices are black, dark brown, or navy.  Eventually you can have more than one neutral in your wardrobe, but don't get too ambitious to start.  Keep it simple and choose one.

• Buy the Basics.  In your chosen neutral, purchase two pairs of pants, one skirt, and two tops such as a turtleneck, a simple jewel neck or v-neck top in a nice fabric.  Lastly, purchase a jacket in your neutral color, but nothing too busy or trendy so that it can mix cleanly with interesting tops and accessories.

• Add Color.  Purchase two tops in your best color.  (You can buy more later.  This is just to get you started and understand how it all works.)  Purchase a jacket in the same color.

• Add Personality. The spark comes with what you do with these pieces!  Choose 2 or 3 pieces of jewelry or scarves that combine your neutral color and the accent color you have chosen. They must be large enough to make a statement (no wimpy jewelry).  You must love them, and they must feel special to you.  Otherwise you will still feel frustrated when you get dressed in the morning.

• Putting It All Together. Creating a solid foundation in your wardrobe eases the frustration and makes it easier to add a few unusual or fun pieces later.  Wear two colors at a time (no more!).  Use your jewelry or scarves to pull them together and add personality and flair!

With a capsule wardrobe you can create beauty, elegance, a dash of funkiness, artistic flair or trendiness, in other words, whatever look you want with less effort and more peace of mind!  And, you will no longer dread opening your closet in the morning to get dressed.  Your capsule can grow with time, but even from the start you'll find that you have more outfits with fewer clothes! No more wardrobes of mismatched pieces, which only creates chaos.  The capsule system combines your best colors with accessories that express your personality and simplifies your life in a way you didn't think possible.


Ginger Burr has built a remarkable career as an expert personal image consultant and makeup artist and has enhanced the presence of thousands of women. In 1987, Ginger launched her own company, Total Image Consultants, with the simple credo that a dynamic personal and professional image could be created without having to relinquish personal style or comfort. A notable speaker and leader in the field of fashion and style, Ginger's adroit understanding of beauty trends and fashion image has been celebrated by The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Elegant Wedding Magazine, Fox TV News, Sundays with Liz Walker,  and Women's Health Magazine.


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