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Life After Divorce
There is life after divorce and dating after divorce. We are here to support you to be happy after divorce. We support women of all ages, especially dealing with divorce after 50 as well as divorce after 40. Join us!
Life After Divorce
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Living with Joy and Passion
Linda Joy-Spiritual Entrepreneur

Following the Tugging of Your Soul


Are You Listening?

Are you receiving gentle nudges from within?  Little 'tuggings from the soul' is what I like to call them.  Some women are innately able to tune in, listen and take steps to bring it to life --it comes so easily and naturally for them.   For others, like me, it's been a journey, an unfolding of learning to shut off the 'other little voice of fear and ego' and tuning in completely to the sound of the soul.  But what a journey of love and lightness when you follow the tugging!

Looking back now I see I have received my gentle nudges throughout my life, though many times I chose to do it MY way which in layman's terms means the HARD way.  I have spent the last fourteen years on a journey of self-discovery and self-love and as I learned to trust my inner nudges life unfolded to become much more than I could have envisioned on my own.

One such tugging was the vision of aspire… Magazine!  For months, I kept dreaming about the front cover of a magazine right down to the logo on the masthead and the articles on the cover. "What a stupid dream" I would say as I lay in bed wide awake hour after hour, night after night trying to shut it out.  To say the least, I wasn't happy about it nor did I understand or want it.  I had a full beautiful life and had no desire for anything else. 

Sometimes life has other plans! One early dawn, about three months later I received the nudge to get up, get the vision out of my head and onto paper and that I'd finally be able to sleep.  In less than fifteen minutes, what had been in my dream was now fully expressed and designed on paper.  I crawled back to bed and slept peacefully. Ahhh it was over! Little did I know that it had just begun.

aspire… Magazine went to press eleven weeks from that early dawn morning!  Doors opened, ideas flowed and 'she' was born with such ease and grace.  That was almost three years and fifteen issues ago! What started as a nudging of the soul has become my soul's mission of inspiring women to do the same through our print publication, strong online presence and our annual Love, Light & Laughter: Enchanted Events for Women.

Could I have done this all on my own? I really don't think so. By tuning in and trusting my inner guidance I was led to my soul's calling which is bigger than I could've ever envisioned.

Are you listening to your inner nudges?  What dream is waiting to be born?  What activity inspires you so much that you lose track of time?  Begin there.  In your moments of quiet begin to listen. 

Here are a few simple tools to learn to connect with your inner self.

·          Five minutes of quiet time each morning BEFORE rising.

·          Journaling for five minutes each morning and each evening.

·          Each evening as you lay in bed name just 5 things you are grateful for.

·          Each day do at least one thing that makes your heart sing!





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Spiritual Entrepreneur Linda Joy is living her soul's purpose of inspiring women to follow their heart, listen to their soul, honor their bodies and the world around them. As Founder and Editor of aspire Magazine, the premier inspirational and spiritual magazine for women and President of Aspire Media, Inc. an Inspirational Multi-Media Publishing and Events company, Ms Joy shares her journey of overcoming life's obstacles to live a life of joy and passion.


Contact Information

Website: www.aspiremag.net

E-mail: Linda@aspiremag.net