Quantcast Looking for the Better Half and Influence
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Life After Divorce
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Life After Divorce
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Looking for the Better Half and Influence
Pete Hinojosa

Over the fourth of July my family and I went to Colorado for a family vacation. We took a one day excursion from Florissant, Colorado and headed over to Buena Vista, Colorado to see an old teacher friend of mine.

I have three children if you didn't know- Gabriella who is the oldest at eleven, my oldest son Jacob who is eight, and my youngest son Jonah who is six. My three children, including Wendy my wife, are all tea drinkers. We love tea. We love regular tea. No need to add ginseng or chamomile or flavor our tea, just plain ole tea is just fine.

I was raised in the south and it does not matter if you like something or not, if someone offers you something you take it. My friend Rae Donna, also from Texas, is part of a great generation. She still holds on to those old fashion customs and as soon as we arrived at her house she was offering us food and beverages. She did her best to make our stay comfortable and welcoming. (Although this Life Warm Up isn't about hospitality it sure is a great way to Influence others!)

That's when she offered us something to drink. I asked if she had any tea and she immediately couldn't wait to make us some vanilla tea. My children were not standing next to her when she offered, so they had no idea what they were about to taste. I kept my mouth closed and waited for a freshly brewed glass of vanilla ice tea. By the way she decided to make it half vanilla and half regular tea, using two separate tea bags.

She finished brewing the tea and called all my children over. That is when my son Jacob took a big drink and then said, "This tea tastes like coconuts!" I said, "No honey, that's vanilla."  Rae Donna said, "Well it's only half vanilla and half regular tea." My son then looked at the glass and said, "I think I got the wrong half. Which side is the regular tea on?" Without skipping a beat Rae Donna said, "It's on the other side of the glass." So, without pausing, my son tried to take a drink from the other side. To say the least it was some kind of funny.

I thought to myself this is new variation of the glass is half full or half empty.  My son was confidently looking for the better half!  I believe that people are influenced with that kind of thinking. We all have faults. We all have strengths. Why not look for the better half in others instead of always looking for their weaknesses. I know the people that influence me don't spend a lot of time telling me everything that is wrong with me. They appreciate my better half!

Remember Looking for the Better Half Really Does Influence Others.

Pete Hinojosa

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