Are You Dating in the Dark?

How to understand what makes your date tick!

In just one session
you can learn the easiest secrets, skills and tools to start a new relationship.

- Are you tired of dating the wrong men?

- Do you continue to attract the wrong men and don't know why?

- Would you like to know what makes your date tick...on the first date?

You'll learn:

• Concrete ways to identify and find the RIGHT man

• How to save TIME, HEARTACHE, and PAIN in your search for love

• To rediscover your INNER-STRENGTH and MAGNIFICENCE to attract your ideal match

Stop dating in the dark!
I'm here to shed light on your dating life and help make the dating process easy in just one call.

The call includes:

• A one hour "Live" and interactive call to learn the easiest dating secrets, skills, and tools to start a new relationship. (value $200)

Self Discovery Report: rediscover yourself and learn how to communicate best with your ideal match (your cost only $12.95)

Your investment in yourself, your happiness and your
dating success is only $97.
(Plus the cost of the Self Discovery Report- only $12.95)


Meet Joanie Winberg, your mentor...

Joanie Winberg, CBHC
Certified Human Behavior Consultant and Divorce Mentor

Hi, my name is Joanie Winberg and I used to be where you are now! Having been a divorced single mom for fourteen years, I understand your challenges, frustrations and feelings.

After my divorce, I not only had to adjust to being a single mom of two children, ages twelve and nine at the time, I also had to learn how to do the once shared to-do list on my own, plus start thinking about a new career or even dating.

At times, I felt so overwhelmed and tired with all of the new challenges and wondered, how I could do it all. One day, I had a huge wake-up call, when one of my friends said to me, "If you crumble, so will your children." That's all I needed to hear. From that day forward, I realized that I had to take care of myself and get the support I needed in order to be the best I could be for my children as well as for myself. Getting that help changed my life and now I'm committed to guiding women through their transitions.

Joanie will help you to understand why you do what you do or in other words- "what makes you tick". You will also learn what makes other people in your life tick, such as your children or even a date. Joanie is the CEO of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children and the host of the Single Again! Now What? Radio Talk Show.


"Joanie's perception is a rare find...Within the first 15 minutes of our first mentoring call, Joanie picked up on a quality that I'd never consciously realized I possessed and which nobody had ever commented on before! Getting external perspective from any coach is great.... a coach with Joanie's perception is a rare find indeed! Joanie's gentle energy and truly supportive nature is inspiring. When I was asked in a class for the names of the three people I most admired and why, Joanie's name was first on the list. The understanding and results she helps her clients gain are what I want for my clients, too, and I admire her coaching skills."
~Allison Wemyss, Canada

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This is what you'll get in just one session:

- Who Am I? Rediscover Who and What You Are
The Self Discovery Report will help you discover your uniqueness, assets and strengths
that may have gone untapped. By understanding yourself, you will also be able to choose
and communicate more effectively with your ideal mate.

- Who is he?
Learn simple tools to clearly identify what you must have in a successful relationship. Know the values
and traits to look for in your ideal match (and break up with those who aren't).

The amount of the Single Again! Now What? complete package is valued @ over $200.

Your investment in yourself, your happiness and your
dating success is only $97.(plus the cost of the 5 page Self Discovery Report- $12.95)

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