- Are you still fighting with your ex-spouse even after years of being divorced?

- Are you aware that your children see, hear and feel the anger and tension between you and your ex-spouse a lot more than you realize?

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Divorce Affects Everyone Including our Children and our Communities. Look at the following statistics:

The "triple threat" of marital conflict, divorce, and out-of-wedlock births has led to a generation of U.S. children at great risk for poverty, health problems, alienation, and antisocial behavior.*

Did you know children of divorce are?
- Twice as likely to drop out of school as those from intact homes*
- Three times as apt to have a baby out of wedlock*
- Five times more likely to be in poverty*
- Twelve times more likely to be incarcerated*
(* McManus:Ethics & Religion Sept. 12, 2004 Column #1,203)

Other findings:
- Rates of child abused are eight to ten times higher in step/blended and sole families than in natural, two-parent families.*
- The sons of single parents are more prone to commit suicide as adults than others, and daughters are more likely to have abortions and more children.*
- When compared with people who grew up in a traditional family with both parents, children of single parents are hospitalized more often due to injuries and poisonings*.
- The sons of single parents also commit more crimes*
(*Helsinki Sanomat:"Children raised by single parents more prone to difficulties in adulthood." April 20, 2001)

Things can be different!

Discover how to stop the conflict and enjoy a more fulfilling life for you and your children.


Imagine being able...

- To get along with your "ex-spouse to-be" during the divorce process to save time and money

- To have a calm conversation and not fight as co-parents

- To identify and resolve your conflicts and be at peace with yourself and your family

- To create a better, more fulfilling future by creating a strategy to realize your personal goals and dreams for you and your children

Helping parents to identify, resolve conflicts and
move on with their lives in an empowerd way

A 5 step proven “People Skills Home Study Program” for divorce and co-parenting situations:

Step I- Improve communication skills to help turn “killer statements” into calm conversations and discussions.

Step II-Learn the necessary listening skills to defuse misunderstanding, judgment and conflict to feel heard and understood.

Step III- Become aware of how you come across to others and learn how to deliver your message more effectively.

Steps IV- Analyze your present situation and learn new strategies to help you go beyond being stuck, miserable and resigned.

Step V- Learn how to take your power back and create your own new story as a catalyst for your future endeavors.

Benefits of the 5 step process:

- Learn to actively create an atmosphere of encouragement and cooperation to build children's confidence and self-esteem.

- Better communication between parents will save time, money and reduce conflict and the need for protracted legal intervention.

- Enjoy a more fulfilling life by reducing miscommunication among parents so change and growth can occur with less stress and strife.

- Embrace the future with more clarity and confidence to give parents the tools to create a more productive environment for them and the children to thrive.

- Experience inner power to bring more control to access full creative resources which in turn can bring about better financial resources for the family.

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The People Skills Home Study Program for divorce and co-parenting situations
A simple program to help you and your children thrive

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Joanie Winberg is a Divorce Mentor, Certified Behavior Consultant and CEO of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children. She has been helping 100's of people navigate the pitfalls of divorce and co-parenting and is a phenomenal resource. She is also the founder of the Single Again! Now What? Radio Talk Show, heard worldwide on the Divorce Source Radio Network.

Dr. Dee Adio-Moses is an Ordained Minister, a Divorce Mentor International Spiritual Teacher and Life Strategist. She is the author of several books, including "Live Again After Divorce" which you can download free at http://www.betterthaneverafterdivorce.com. Adio-Moses shares Joanie's goal of facilitating healing and healthy decision-making following separation or divorce.


Joanie Winberg- "When I met Joanie it was easy to be inspired by her positive attitude and generous nature. Joanie helped me see myself in a different place and gave me the tools to believe in myself and focus on my gifts and recognize my passions. Raising my children as a single parent has been my priority for many years and Joanie has helped me to be the best parent I can be for my children. Her enthusiasm is contagious!"~ Pauline Sullivan, client of Attorney Mark Greene

Dr. Dee- "Dr. Dee thank you, what helped bring me back to life was the time spent with you, when I felt hopeful and positive again, the impact of which I cannot describe... Maybe it was the prayer, your incredibly strong beliefs or the feeling of someone actually believing in me... Instead of lashing out, I am now "looking forward'. I have clarity and a stategy for my future. I've sorted out many things that were causing problems, and am now taking concrete steps. No more conflicts. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't taken the class?, and received the greatest gift, the one of hope, which you gave me, Dr. Dee...would I still be in the depths of depression? I am glad I took ACTION. Lots of love, and I pray that many other women benefit from these resources you and your team brought to us. Thanks! " Xen, from Dubai

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A proven 5 Step Home Study People Skills Program for parents after divorce!


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