Survive and Thrive After Divorce BOOT CAMP For Men

Your new life starts here!

A year from now you will wish you had started today!

Learn the "Top 3 Life Skills" to get your life back on track and to be happy again!

Feeling stressed after your divorce?

Feeling the pressure of being a single dad?

Worried about what step to take next?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are with you every step of the way!

The Survive and Thrive After Divorce On-line BOOT CAMP is a life changing, proven interactive system designed to help you rebuild your life and self-confidence with practical hands on advice in the areas of stress and time management, dating skills, co-parenting and much more! Whether your goal is processing through the emotional roller coaster after a relationship ends, casual dating or another chance at "I do" this course is a must for YOU!

To summarize, having a mentor…
Is the fastest way to get extraordinary results in all areas of your life in a minimum amount of time.

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

• I am do I deal with the hurt, anger, resentment let alone heal from it?

• As a single parent, how do I effectively communicate with my children?

• When will I feel like my "old" self and be able to meet someone who I will feel safe with?

• Dating after divorce. How do I get started?

4 week on-line Boot Camp includes ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED to get your life back on track...

Stress Management and coping skills
Learn how to defuse your stress into calmness in minutes to feel more relaxed and "at peace" with yourself on a daily basis.

Communication Skills
Discover your uniqueness, assets and strengths that may have gone untapped. The first step is to understand yourself and then to
understand others (why they do what they do) to build better relationships both personally and professionally.

How to Choose the Right Mate When You Date
Now that you're thinking about getting back on the dating scene after your divorce, what steps should you take to avoid making unnecessary mistakes?

What are your dreams and goals for your new life?
- Define your vision and aspirations
- What limiting beliefs and perceived obstacles are holding you back?
- Learn how to set measurable life goals

And much, much, more!

The Boot Camp for Men is a complete 4 week system to assist men who may have lost their focus,
lost their motivation, or think they have lost their ability to be the man they want to be.

Our goal is to show you HOW to move your life forward. We answer all your "HOW" QUESTIONS.

Boot Camp includes:

- Live calls!
Image... getting all your "HOW" questions answered immediately during each session with Joanie Winbeg, an International Divorce Mentor

• Four (4) 60 minute teleconferencing calls in the comfort and privacy of your home

• A Self Discovery Report

• Daily support by e-mail during the 4 sessions

• Group support with men who have the same concerns (individual sessions also available).

Sign up TODAY! The total value of the Survive and Thrive After Divorce Boot Camp for Men is valued over $597.

Your investment in yourself, your happiness and your
unlimited potential is only $197.

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Meet your Mentoring Consultant

Joanie Winberg, CBHC
Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Divorce Mentor and a corporate trainer (

Hi, my name is Joanie Winberg and I used to be where you are now! I understand how it feels to become single again (married for 20 years). It is an emotional roller coaster ride. You don't have to face this challenging time in your life alone.

I have been supporting people worldwide as well as Divorce Attorney's clients for over 10 years during and after divorce. I am part personal advisor, part sounding board and part strategist, as your mentor. I am someone who is specifically focused on you and your success.

As professional athletes have known for years, having someone work directly with you to point out things you can't see and keep encouraging and challenging you to achieve your greatest potential is invaluable. That's who I am for you.

Joanie is co-founder of the The Divorce View Radio Talk Show heard worldwide on the FMG Radio and Television Network.

How has coaching been proven to be effective?
Coaching statistics- a study done by the International Coaches Federation (ICF) in 1998 reported that individuals experienced the following outcomes as a result of working with a coach:

* Increased self-awareness - up 67%
* Setting stress level- up 57%
* Setting better goals- up 62%
* Self discovery- up 53%
* More balanced life- up 60%
* Self-confidence- up 52%